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There are many blossoms in Jiang’an, most notably Magnolia flowers. I didn’t know their existence before this spring. They are so beautiful and so lovely that I and other students stop and took photos of them. Standing on the top of the branches, they are like pigeons who bring the welcome of the spring.

This is one windy night of this spring. The wind is warm and cozy, and it remind me of my first spring in SCU. The waves are colored by the lamb lights, and the scent of flowers drift in the air. Maybe one year later I’ll graduate and leave, but I’ve had my most precious memory here.


Any student who have taken the computer networking course should be aware of the three-way handshaking. It is stated that the client sends a packet with SYN bit on and some random packet number \(x\) and ACK number \(0\). Then the server, after receiving the SYN packet, replies with a SYN packet with packet number \(y\) and ACK number \(x+1\). The client reply with a packet with SYN off, packet number \(x\) and ACK number \(y+1\). But the problem occurs when the SYN packet the server sends was replied by a packet with ACK number not equal \(y+1\). It took me some thought, and finally I guess the particular reply packet may come from a different session, and that session may have expired due to not receiving response for a long time. After thinking this questing, I found that being curious and practice are equally important. One cannot success without plenty of practice, but besides practice, curiosity is what makes the difference.

Today, I received a gift. It’s only an animated image of a purple book, with words: The Book of Answer: Don’t be afraid. Someone will be with you. But I was strongly moved by this image. It was sent to me by my father. As a junior, I’m facing a lot of pressure in my study and daily life, and I’m literally seeking an answer for each problem I’ve ever encountered. So although the image itself didn’t tell me anything, it came as a great comfort for me. And I come to know that answer is everywhere, the problem is you don’t know when you’ll be asked. One cannot seek answer as looking for words in a dictionary or encyclopedia when asked. In contrast, one have to remember that answer is here, so let learn it.

I am and am not an interesting student. I am thought to be, even by myself, a normal student rescued by my English grade in CCEG. I’m not outstandingly talented, but I still have some dreams to realize. I can’t solve all problems, but I’m willing to challenge myself.

最后更新: 2023-05-20