Jacquard dataset

JACQUARD dataset

Standford Grasping:10 object,13747 RGB Images,13747 Depth Images

Cornell Grasping:240 object,885 RGB Images,885 Depth Images

YCB Benchmarks:77 object,46200 RGB Images,46200 Depth Images

CMU dataset:150+object,50567 RGB Images

Google dataset:800000 RGB Images

Dex-Net 1.0:150+object,50567 RGB Images

Dex-Net 2.0:150+object,50567 RGB Images

JACQUARD:11619object,54485 RGB Images,108970Depth Images


1、Supersizingself-supervision: Learning to grasp from 50k tries and 700 robot hours.

2、Learning hand-eyecoordination for robotic grasping with deep learning and large-scale datacollection.

3、Multimodal grasp dataset: A novel visual–tactile data set for robotic manipulation.


1、Graspit! a versatile simulator for robotic grasping.

2、Opengrasp: A toolkit for robot grasping simulation.

3、Deep reinforcement learning for vision-based robotic grasping: Asimulated comparative evaluation of offpolicy methods.

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